Learn the Tips to Use the Campaign Builder Infusionsoft Perfectly

The new Campaign Builder Infusionsoft comes with intuitive features that makes people to make effective campaigns. If you were used to the old builder, you will find the new campaign builder a perfect version for you because it enables you to customize your campaigns. But what should you know for you to create wonderful and effective campaigns from the new campaign builder? Find out below.

Campaign Builder Infusionsoft

The Steps of Building a Campaign

Before you start creating your campaign, you should create objects from the left side of the canvas to the right side of the canvas. The first object on the left side of the canvas to create should be the “sign up for newsletter’’ option then followed by email confirmation request and confirm email options. The last option on the canvas, on the right side, should be the free white paper nurture sequence object. Sometimes these objects can vary on arrangement and positioning depending on the campaigns one is creating.

In the event that you have a big campaign, hold right-click with your mouse and move around the Campaign Builder Infusionsoft to increase its size. If you want to move objects around, you should left click on the object and move it to where you want it to be. In the event that you want to delete an object, make sure that you click the left side of the mouse and select delete. If you want to customize your objects or rename it, double click on it and it will open a free space for you where you can write all the customizations that you want. Once you are sure that the objects are the ones that you want, connect them by using or dragging the green arrow. If you don’t want objects to connect to one another, click on the connecting line and press delete.

The Efficiency and Reliability of the Campaign Builder

Campaign Builder Infusionsoft saves all your work after every 30 seconds. This eliminates the risk of losing what you have worked on in the event that you are interrupted all of a sudden without saving your work. When a goal has been completed, it stops all the sequences leading to that goal thereby making you to have active sequences of only the unachieved goals. If a contact enters a certain sequence, it will not be allowed to enter another sequence even if the goal has been accomplished. You cannot branch a flow within a sequence, you can only do so when in the campaign creating level. When the squares at the end of the connectors turn blue, you should disconnect them and reconnect them somewhere else. Caution should be taken when the squares turn red because when you disconnect them, you can cause a lot of issues on the whole campaign.

Learn the Tips to Use the Campaign Builder Infusionsoft Perfectly

Campaign Builder Infusionsoft

To conclude, make sure that you learn every feature of the new Campaign Builder Infusionsoft for you to be in a position to make wonderful campaigns that meet your business needs. You should even hire an expert to teach you so that you don’t make any mistakes when making the campaigns.

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